The Pianoring design & how it came about

The first sketch of the Pianoring started with a competition I was taking part in as the final project of my Level 3 CAD course in Matrix. We were to design a few rings for a UK wedding band company and the winner would possibly have their piece put into production. Fortunately for me my piano ring design was not snapped up by the company and so I’m pleased to say I have the full rights and profits from it today.

The main and most valuable profit for me being the satisfaction I get out of making the ring and customizing it for people and getting to hear all the lovely stories in connection with the orders of it. It wasn’t an easy job to get this ring looking right, it took a lot of trial and error and much loss of initial investment. But I believed firmly in the potential of the design and kept pursuing to have it realized.

Along the way many customer have asked for changes to be made to the design and so the design has grown and improved organically with the influence of many minds other than my own.
It has now been shipped to many corners of the world from Asia to Africa to the Americas and Europe. In every country it has been sent to, it has had a different story tied to it. One of the most recent ones was a composer who wanted the first line of the score from his wedding march that he had composed himself to be engraved on the inside of ring. He wanted the ring in platinum and only the upper edges in yellow gold which posed quite a challenge for me to solder together but I got there in the end and the result was breathtaking, the ring had a lovely weight to it as well as platinum is heavier than gold.

Even though The Pianoring is the perfect gift for a musician or wedding band or anniversary ring in gold for a musician many people who do not play or compose music wear it as well.

The most recent customization that I am working on being able to make is having the black half-notes set with tiny black baguettes diamonds as in the 3d images above and below. Can’t wait to post images of how this will look!