“The today internationally worn, critically acclaimed Piano Ring had it's humble beginnings back in 2011.”

The Story

“The first model was crafted from a musty basement workshop”

It used to be a drying room for tobacco leaves in pre-industrial Hatton Garden, which today is known as the heart of London's jewellery industry.
Sebastian Pintea, the designer maker is still based in London where access to the latest 3d wax-printing and casting technology is readily available.
After you place in order you will get 3d sketches of how your ring will look with engraving and all prior to it being cast in metal. Once the castings get back to us you will be informed of how far the ring has come in the manufacturing process via email.

3D model
Casting ready to be polished


“This ring is about believing in yourself...”

My dream is to empower people to express what is unique about them. What is prehaps the biggest question in life? Who do I want to be? If you are passionate about music, why not let others know, visually, at the blink of an eye.

“The story continues and is waiting for you to become a part of it as you venture to create your own customized version of it!”

What makes it unique

“After a lot of trial, error and bespoke customization, the ring has been distilled down to two versions”

One made in two separate parts and a thinner version in one part where the keys are plated silver. The suggested engraving “Musica cordis mei” came from a Russian customer who wanted to let a lover and pianist know her music had touched his heart deeply.

Sebastian Pintea - Designer Maker of The Pianoring