The Pianoring

Something truly unique, handmade and special.

“I take great honor in each musician who chooses to wear The Pianoring and great pride in personally ensuring each ring is perfect for the requirements of each wearer.”


“Be it for a loved one or for your own inspiration, this ring will be a bridge between you as well as to all the other great musicians and composers who wear it”

Lisa Downing

Multiple award winning, international composer and concert artist, Lisa is re-defining the genre of solo piano. She is a compelling storyteller describing the unique inspiration for her creative neo-classical solo compositions. Lisa’s narritaves of her compositions create parables that reach into the collective hopes and fears of human experience – revealing the true unity we all share. Pianoring wearer from USA.

Jens Duvsjö

You know how people talk about uncompromising pop? Duvchi is just that – in it’s purest form. It is passionate and lavish, whilst fragile and unassuming. Boldly arranged tracks meets timeless harmonies and form a space of melancholic warmth that quickly spellbinds and becomes a kind of instant find. Pianoring wearer from Sweden.


Ewik writes arrangements for piano and has, among other things, written music for the Performing Arts Collective, Arena Baubo. Under the name "Song of a Bitch", Ewik interpreted violently sexist hip hop into dramatic piano versions with much feeling and humor. She also enjoys creating fictional short stories for piano based on reality as in the EP "The Boxer" based on the book "Behing the Garden". Pianoring wearer from Sweden.